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Symphony’s Sycamore Village’s Heroes Help Residents Stay Connected With Loved Ones.

May 4, 2020

Via Sycamore Village Facebook – “With the Covid-19 pandemic we have had to restrict all visitors to our facility. So, we had to come up with different ways for our residents to stay connected with their loved ones. A few of those ways have been phone calls, including Face time and Skype. But the favorite so far has been “Window visits”. There is only one rule. The window MUST remain closed during the visit. So we have phones so they can see each other and communicate clearly. It has gone so very well and seeing those smiling faces NEVER gets old!!! Below are just a few pics with more coming with more visits!!! Also we have had many letters from the kids in the community wishing our residents a Happy Easter, Happy Spring and just to say hi. Thank You everyone!!!! Just one act of kindness does so much!!!!”