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Family Testimonial: A Letter to Symphony of Joliet.

April 27, 2020

Dear Symphony of Joliet,

It has been three years since my dad passed away and was a long-term resident there. He lived there for about three years. When I had to make the difficult, painful decision that he needed long-term care, I did my research and tried to find the best place possible for him. Thankfully, your facility was not only the right choice but also close to me. Being so close to my home meant that I was able to (and did) see him almost daily, coming all hours of the day and night – sometimes during my work lunch break, at meal times, early morning, or late night. I also spoke to my dad daily. I had a consistent and very realistic understanding of patient care – and I emphasize the word care. What is happening is tragic, and I am devastated. This is a nursing facility and there are challenges. But I saw first hand that the staff were consistently patient, kind, caring, respectful, and compassionate. I don’t have one bad thing to say about the care my dad received. In fact, the only complaint I can recall was the year that the Dish Network stopped broadcasting ABC and he missed The Oscars (he loved award shows and was a trivia king!).

This is an absolutely surreal pandemic attacking so many people, but especially our most vulnerable. My heart is broken for the staff, the patients and the families suffering through this. Truly heartbroken. For those still fighting and still caring and working thank you and stay strong. Thank you for doing what you do – and for what you did for my dad. Stay strong.

Thank you